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BetAmerica promo code – About the casino brand

BetAmerica promo code: Frustrated with the lack of security in the offshore betting market and lack of proper services in the local market, a group of people decided to open a safe and secure online wagering website with all the proper services and products. The website was launched in January 2008. BetAmerica is licensed and is a service offered by Lien Games Racing LLC. They are the service provider who has been licensed by the North Dakota Racing Commission for all the users throughout the world. The California Horse Racing Board is for the users in California while the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission is for the players in Kentucky.

From a small attempt at an online wagering company, they have come a long way in making a name for themselves in the global betting industry. Their website is amazing, their wide range of BetAmerica Promo codes, BetAmerica Bonus codes, and the promotional offers along with a great customer support team, they are leading the way. They have 135,000 registered players and employ about 50 people. They have entered into 325 race track agreements and cover more than 3,000 live races every week. Their consistent offers via BetAmerica Promo codes lets new and old players try out more games.

betamerica promo code

They have their offices in California, Fargo, North Dakota, and San Francisco. They established the BetAmerica Daily Fantasy Sports(DFS) in 2013. It enables you to play in skill-based events where you can win more by playing fantasy events and sports. It was defined as skills-based competition by the Federal UIGEA legislation in 2006. The DFS is easy to play and win. Some of these games use BetAmerica Promo codes while others do not. BetAmerica provides the best greyhound and horse racing along with an alternate option to sports betting. Everything is legal and they promote a safe environment to bet. BetAmerica offers a lot of BetAmerica Promo codes as incentives to their customers. They are highly appreciated as it enables the players to grab discounts through the use of BetAmerica Promo codes and BetAmerica Bonus codes.

They also have an app which makes the games more accessible. These BetAmerica Promo codes and the BetAmerica Bonus codes can be used in the app as well. The easy layout of the website and that of the app make it a popular choice among the players. They also provide stream the live races and the scores. BetAmerica’s app is available for both Android and iOS users. There is another related app by the operator named BetAmerica Extra which provides further information regarding the Kentucky Derby. The customers can avail the offers through BetAmerica Promo codes or BetAmerica Bonus codes even while playing from the app or through the mobile version of the game.

Games offered by BetAmerica

BetAmerica offers an excellent platform to wager on the greyhound and horse racing. Some of the events or games they offer are the Kentucky Derby Trail, Horse Racing, Harness Racing Betting, and Thoroughbred Tracks. These do not require the use of BetAmerica Promo codes. Some other events that are covered by BetAmerica are the Quarter Horse Racing, Harness Racing Tracks, Greyhound Racing, Quarter Horse Tracks, and Greyhound Racing Tracks. It is not necessary to use the BetAmerica Promo code here in order to play.

betamerica promo codeThe operator of the horse racing event imparts information on the thoroughbred races which teaches a player to place a wager in a manner so as to have a great win. Apart from the thoroughbred racing, BetAmerica also offers harness and quarter horse mostly from the USA, and also from Australia, the UK, Ireland, and Canada. In order to place a bet, a player need not use BetAmerica Promo codes or BetAmerica Bonus codes unless specified at their promotions page.

They also feature online handicapping events such as Live Picks where one may edit their selection till one minute to post. They also come up with new discounts, promotions, BetAmerica Promo codes, BetAmerica Bonus codes, and offers every week. The BetAmerica Bonus codes too are updated regularly. They do not have any long-term offers. This is an advantage as any time you log into your account, you can see that there might be a new BetAmerica Promo code waiting for you. If not, you can always visit the promotions page to find out the latest BetAmerica Promo codes and the BetAmerica Bonus codes.

The company indeed has the best platform for greyhound racing as they offer more than 1000 live greyhound races per week. Since this is not their main area, it is surprising that they provide an excellent service in DFS. The company offers many BetAmerica Promo codes for the same. The current DFS available on BetAmerica are Baseball, Basketball, and American Football while they are looking to expand the list soon. Their websites update the scores so as to help the players make a decision before placing a bet. On particular days of the week, it is possible to win double the amount you wagered by making use of the BetAmerica Promo codes that are listed on their website.

The great thing about BetAmerica is that they offer everything that other popular fantasy games websites do but in a very simple manner, thus attracting more and more players. They also provide live videos from more than 325 racetracks. Each user can watch 10 hours of live video. It is increased based on your betting amount. You can also get discounts by using BetAmerica Promo codes. Another intelligent feature of their website is that the live streaming is located on the same page as the page that contains your bet slip and the available betting options. The customer can look at the live streaming and decide where to place the bet. They offer advice and tips for the players which is something no company does. Along with this, they also help you out with the latest BetAmerica Promo codes.

Though you need not use a BetAmerica Promo code or a BetAmerica Bonus code when you are registering yourself, the welcome bonus that you get will not be immediately credited to your account. You will have to earn your bonus. BetAmerica keeps coming up with new BetAmerica Promo codes and BetAmerica Bonus codes to keep their customers happy.

Offers and Promotions

There is a $300 Sign Up Bonus which is a great bonus offer. There is no need for a BetAmerica Promo code for availing this. In order to be eligible for this bonus, one needs to be a new player or a first-time player on their website. The minimum deposit is $25. One can win a minimum bonus of $25 in this case while the maximum bonus a customer will get is $300.

betamerica promo code

Every time a customer places a wager, 10% of that wagered amount gets relieved from the Pending Bonus slot. These earnings that you make from the Pending Bonus can be used to bet on greyhound racing, horse racing, or fantasy sports. They do not require any BetAmerica Promo codes or BetAmerica Bonus codes. You have 365 days to earn and unlock the Pending Bonus, post which it is forfeited.

They have another offer where you can double your wager. This takes place every Tuesday. A mystery track is announced every Wednesday where the player can double their rewards. One can win twice the number of points on Oklahoma’s best Quarter Horse Racing. The weekend is welcomed with double points offer on two race cards.

Apart from these, they also come up with new BetAmerica Bonus codes or BetAmerica Promo codes. They are available at their website. The customers can make use of these to win discounts, offers, and cash back. Though they come up with new offers all the time via BetAmerica Promo codes, they make sure that there is nothing illegal in betting or availing the discounts. These BetAmerica Promo codes are used on particular days in specific events.

Payment Modes

BetAmerica offers the following options to deposit money into your account. The BetAmerica Promo codes can be used with most of the payment modes listed below making it a very friendly point.

You can use eCash which can be got from any US savings account. Along with this, Mastercard and Visa are accepted.

Pay Near Me is another option which can be deposited from a Family Dollar store or a 7-Eleven. The charges are $3.99 per transaction.

The player can use Neteller which is an eWallet. There are no charges and it is quite easy to deposit using this method. Another eWallet service that you can use is the Pay Lucky which transfers instantly. Unfortunately, it is available only for those residing in California, Massachusetts, Oregon, New York, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Ohio.

Reloadable Mastercard can be used. Another option is the Vanilla Gift in which you can deposit a maximum of $500.

Deposits through wire transfer or check are also accepted.

As far as withdrawing the money is concerned, one can withdraw it in three ways. The electronic bank transfers is an option which does not charge fees while Neteller does. Withdrawal through check is the third option. The customer will have to withdraw a minimum of $5 if withdrawing through check. A BetAmerica Promo code is not required in order for you to initiate a withdrawal.

Website design and Navigation

BetAmerica’s website is quite interesting. Their use of simple graphics and animation might keep a customer happy. The lack of flashy lights, videos, and pictures are a huge plus. The tab on the top opens up the menu where one can see options like calendar, results, promos, rewards, and extra. They have dedicated a page just for the promotional offers where the use of BetAmerica Promo codes is detailed. These are updated often. They bring in new offers all the time, most of which are availed through BetAmerica Promo codes or the BetAmerica Bonus codes.

The calendar page tells the customer about the contests that are coming up or are going to go live soon. Each one is described in detail. The promotions page is organized in a neat manner where each offer is listed as per the date on which it can be availed. New BetAmerica Promo codes and BetAmerica Promo codes keep getting added here. On the right tab of this page, one can see a preview of all the offers and their dates.

They also provide bet info on racing. Each type of racing is explained in detail. The rules, how to play, and the contests are all available in a detailed manner on their website. Their mobile app is quite popular as well as it offers smooth navigation. The best part of the mobile version is that it is handy and it accepts the use of a BetAmerica Promo code while playing.

BetAmerica Customer support

BetAmerica offers excellent customer care services. Their customer service team is based in Fargo, North Dakota. The customers can use the live chat option or the email support which are monitored and available from 9 am to 1 am ET on all days. There is no need to use a BetAmerica Bonus code for reaching out to the customer support.

They also have a VIP program which has over 2,000 members. They are offered the best discounts and rewards. The VIP members are offered better deals and offers on the use of a BetAmerica Promo code. The customer care team will help you out with any queries, suggestions, complaints, or issues that you have. One can even approach the team in order to avail some good offers with the use of a BetAmerica Promo code.

The Live Chat option ensures that your query will be answered within minutes by the representatives. They do their best to solve your problem immediately.

They are available to take your call at 1-866-607-7929. They are available 364 days a year!

Their email address is [email protected] They strive to reply to you mail as soon as possible. In most cases, they reply within an hour.

They are also active on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Most of these options work well and efficiently through the Live Chat option is very efficient in getting your problems sorted faster.


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