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BetDSI bonus code

BetDSI bonus code: BetDSI is based in Costa Rica and accepts players from around the globe including those from the United States. This means that popular games in the United States such as American Football, Basketball and Baseball are popular on the site. There are a ton of other games that the international audience can relate to including soccer, MMA, cricket, golf, tennis, eSports, and hockey. Soccer is particularly popular on the site as the fun base is huge and is drawn from almost every corner of the globe. They have clients from over 140 nations with over $100 million traded on the platform every month.
BetDSI runs on Digital Gaming Technology platform. Digital Gaming Technology is a well known and respected platform in the gaming and gambling industry so you can expect top notch games and experiences.
The Sportsbook was established in 1998 so they have been around for some time now and gone through several changes to make their service better. Over the years, they have built and maintained a great reputation as one of the leaders in customer service, security, and the number of wagering options they avail to customers.
eSports is fast rising and the number of fans, especially in Asia with its crazy fast internet speeds and nerd culture and Europe, is exploding at exponential levels every year. It is an awesome thing that online betting platforms such as BetDSI have spotted this opportunity and embraced a niche sport that is poised to be even bigger than some of the mainstream sports in the coming years.


betDSI bonus code

There are several games on offer on BetDSI including blackjack games, roulette, slots, video poker, craps, casino poker, keno, Bingo, and Baccarat. You can also bet on baseball, basketball, American football, soccer, NASCAR, boxing, UFC matches, college sports, golf, racing and a host of other games. All the games can be played on Instant Play and also on mobile devices. The same BetDSI bonus codes that are used for the desktop site can also be used for the mobile site. You do not need any special BetDSI promo codes for the mobile site. The games they offer are not locked behind BetDSI bonus codes and can be accessed by pretty much every player who registers as user on the site.
Their innovation has led to a great tournament on the site called Jackpot Poker. This is a three-person tournament with $40, $10 and $2 buy-ins with the winner taking the entire jackpot. The jackpots can be as small as $4 or run into the six figures. Lovers of jackpot games will definitely find their jackpot poker game phenomenal. If you are hungry for big jackpots, this is where you should be. Jackpot games are open to everyone and you do not need a BetDSI bonus code to participate.
The games have been certified to be reliable and fair by an independent body. They are open to the public as long as you are a registered user.
If you are looking to have fun with your betting activities, consider hopping on to the bandwagon of fun loving people who love to wager on major political, world, and entertainment events. BetDSI offers betting options and odds on such events and you will totally love it.
If you are just starting out and would need some tips and ideas, BetDSI provides trend, match up and sports data that you can use to make informed decisions. You should not depend on only the information and data they provide. It is almost guaranteed that those who win big do extensive research and go beyond the site to collect their own data. They have also refined their analysis methods and are able to read trends better than the average person would. You want to be one of these people if you want to set yourself apart from the pack. Remember to take advantage of BetDSI bonus codes so your initial bets are made using the house’s money. You’ll reduce your exposure this way as you learn the ropes on the platform.

Bonuses and Offers

You can claim up to $600 in bonuses when you register as a user on BetDSI. You will need a BetDSI bonus code to claim most of the bonuses.
They run a points reward systems called BetPoints which will allow you to win other cool stuff including trading the points for merchandize or even cold hard cash. The points are gathered whenever you play and you do not need a BetDSI bonus code to participate in the BetPoints program. Every user collects points as they use the platform.
BetDSI runs a number of promotions with some of the promos requiring you to have a BetDSI bonus code while some don’t. One of the first bonuses you can claim is the 50% bonus which can net you up to $300. This runs separate on the online casino and sports sections on the site. Practically, applying the bonus on both sections means that you can get up to $600. If you register with an affiliate link promoting this bonus program, you will need a BetDSI bonus code for it, otherwise getting a BetDSI promo code will probably be necessary.
Another promo is the rebate on horse racing with players getting 8% and 3% cash backs depending on the kind of bet they made. There is also a refer-a-friend program where your friend will register with a BetDSI bonus code and you will be rewarded with cash. That’s quite a great deal. You probably were going to tell your friend how great your experience has been on BetDSI. If you can make some extra cash from sharing your experience, why wouldn’t you do it? Congratulations to BetDSI for doing this. Word of mouth is probably the most effective marketing and promotion strategies. Think of the last time you bought something or registered to a service – you probably factored in feedback from friends and families into making your decision.
Of the BetDSI promos that do not require BetDSI bonus codes, BetPoints is probably the most lucrative. You get to accumulate points with each and every wager you make. You can use your points for several things including getting even better bonuses or even cash. You can also trade the points for gift cards, hat, pullovers, t-shirts, and other cool stuff. The gift card vendors supported include Papa John’s Pizza, StubHub and Amazon.
The site frequently runs promotions. Most of the promotions running will be displayed on the site or will be advertised through email. If you signed up with an email address you frequently check out, you’ll be in the know about when any new promotions come up. Don’t worry about the promotions clogging your inbox though. If you want to opt out of the email list, all you have to do is unsubscribe from the list by clicking on a link at the bottom of the emails they send. Note that opting out of the list entirely might mean that you won’t get any new exciting offers sent to you via email even if you remain an active member. BetDSI will never send you any spam emails so there really is no reason why you should opt out of the email list when the promotion emails aren’t even that many.

Customer Service and Experience

The support team can be reached through email, phone and live chat. The team is available 24/7 and is always willing and happy to help. If you are having any trouble applying your BetDSI bonus code, don’t hesitate to contact the team.
The team has been well trained and is well equipped to resolve most of the problems users encounter with BetDSI promo codes. The most efficient way to reach them is by phone. Have your account details ready when you call so you don’t waste time looking for your account ID and other details when you finally start talking to a customer representative.

Website and Mobile Experience

betDSI bonus code

Not many Costa Rica based books have sites as cool as BetDSI’s. The site looks amazing to the eyes and their theme color blends greatly with the rest of the site. The navigation menus are well thought out with the major sections of the site easily reachable from links on the home page.
BetDSI supports most mobile devices with the platform scaling according the size of the screen of your device. That’s pretty much it with their mobile site, though. It seems they didn’t invest more on their mobile platform than was necessary to make it practical. It does just the basic stuff and there are no awesome features that can give it the wow factor. If you just want a mobile site that just gets the job done and does nothing else, you will find the site good enough.
While the sportsbook is the most popular attraction on BetDSI, their live casino is also awesome. The virtual casino is available on Instant Play. You do not need to download any software onto your PC to play. You can play right on your browser on either mobile or your computer as long as your browser supports flash.
The same BetDSI bonus codes used for the desktop site can also be used on the mobile site so don’t worry about missing out if you choose to use the mobile version of the site.
A great feature on the site when making bets is that the confirmation page has a drop down menu which allows you to choose between various options including wager amount, the amount to win and the amount to risk. This ensures that you always have a clear understanding of your position before approving any bet. By understanding your position, you will be better positioned to know whether or not a bet you are making is well informed. It is important that you gamble responsibly and only bet money you can afford to lose.

Payment Methods

The payment methods accepted include Bitcoin, Visa, American Express, Neteller, Eco, BankDraft, World Connect Express, MasterCard and Bank Wire.
BetDSI takes security of players very seriously. They have put in place several measures to protect user data, especially their financial information. You can therefore make your payments in peace knowing that BetDSI has got you covered. An additional layer of security is that they employ SSL encryption to protect all your payments. The company will not sell any of your user data, including your contact information such as email addresses, to a third party.
Withdrawing your money is a smooth and easy process without any barriers put between you and your money.
The fact that BetDSI accepts Bitcoin makes it one of the most progressive platforms around. Online gamblers are embracing Bitcoin by the millions and it is fast becoming one of the most liked payment methods on the net.

Concluding Remarks

BetDSI is a great platform. It is one of the best Sportsbooks that have ever come out of Costa Rica. Its modern site also sets it apart from other Costa Rican platforms that tend to have outdated looks.
The banking options are great and reliable. You can use Visa and MasterCard to make deposits and withdrawals or use one of the e-wallet options that they support. The payment methods and processing are secured and all transactions are protected through SSL encryption so you don’t have to worry about compromising the security of your financial information when you process a deposit or withdrawal on BetDSI.
BetDSI runs several promotions with a number of them requiring you to have a BetDSI bonus code. Some of them, like the Betpoints program, do not require you to have a BetDSI promo code. The Betpoints program is amazing in that you collect points as you make wagers and the points can be traded for some cool real world things including cash.
If the company made their mobile platform better than it is right now, they would easily become one of the greatest in the game. All the same, you should definitely consider grabbing your BetDSI bonus code to claim all the bonuses you can get.

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