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Betway Uganda – A large company claiming Africa too!

One thing is certain when it comes to a Betway Uganda bonus code: it gives you enough reasons to join this site and explore its fine betting options and play along for a while. The Betway is a veteran of the online betting and gambling industry, with more than 10 years of experience. Betway had a rough start, but after a while, it became an industry leader on the European gambling market, and is still on top now. Nowadays, Betway isn’t just sports betting site, but also has casino games, poker rooms, bingo and live casino games. However, at this time, if you claim the Betway Uganda promo code, you can only use it to bet on sports. As a player from Uganda, you can only gain access to the Betway sports betting section. It’s not a problem, because the Betway’s services are great, and you are going to spend a great time here. The UK-based Betway launched the Ugandan website in 2015, and so far, it has been running nicely, even though the Ugandan betting industry is quite competitive.

betway uganda bonus code

Betway Uganda – Trust it or not?

Safety is always quite important and we can say, you can trust the Betway Uganda, and your account info is always kept safe. Betway has licenses in several countries, including Malta, United Kingdom, Germany, and now Uganda. The eCogra monitors the Betway in order to provide gamblers with info on fair gaming. So, you can see yourself, the Betway Uganda bonus code will make you join a nice online gambling establishment, where you can bet on several events and play for real money, or take advantage of the freebies the Betway Uganda bonus code can provide. During the recent years, the Betway has gone through large changes, and after changing the “heads” twice in the last ten years, the company finally stands stable, and as you can see, it has become a reputable sports betting site and took the lead in this field. We say, you can trust Betway Uganda, as it grew to be a trustworthy sports bettor site, and it also follows industry standard security measures to keep you safe and satisfied.


Though we are not often doing this, we have to note the role Betway plays in Uganda’s sports life. Since the Betway set its foot in Uganda, the company has been an active part of the country’s sports life. In Uganda, the Betway sponsors a Rugby club, the Kampala Old Boys, a darts club, and also the Anchors Pool club, which is in the National Senior Pool League. Betway also constantly tries to expand its sponsorship, and it’s on the right track to become a major sponsor of Uganda sports. We felt we have to tell you this, so apart from the Betway Uganda bonus code, you have another reason to take a look at Betway Uganda!

Sportsbook of Betway Uganda

At Betway Uganda – and basically on all kinds of Betway sites – you can bet on several sports and events. The number of available games often reach the 12,000 mark, at least as far as the different markets are concerned. If you use your Betway Uganda bonus code, you can bet on European sports, horse races and world-wide championships too. There are way too many available options to feature them all in this article, but you can rest assured, you will never have a dull moment, and there is going to be something great going on. These sports events could be watched on TV, and if you like you can grab the Betway Uganda bonus code, and start playing now. Aside from European events, you can also enjoy watching and betting on NBA, MLB and NFL (and several other) US-based sporting events too. The sportsbook section of Betway Uganda has some advanced statistics tools. This makes it easier to decide which team could have a higher chance of winning, or how many points will a team score, and so on. You probably know what we are talking about. Also, we will get back to the statistics section a bit lower, when we take a look on the site’s features. In the meantime, you should open the site, and enter our Betway Uganda promo code if you are not already a member. If not, well, we can tell you how to register.


Adding esports to the list of available sports events to bet on was a big step from Betway. After grabbing your bonuses provided by the Betway Uganda Bonus code, you can have a great time with betting on esports. Actually, the Betway was one of the first big bookmakers to launch a section on their betting portal dedicated to esports. If you don’t know what esports are, let us tell you. ESports are matches played by different players and players’ teams in several online games. For example, you’ve probably heard of the World of Tanks, which isn’t a sports games, but at Betway, you can bet on battles played by high profile players! If you would stick to sports, then the FIFA eSport must be of interest. You don’t have to know these games to bet on them, and there is no need to know how to play them: there are detailed statistics, so you can decide by drawing conclusions about those. Or you can watch a match and see what this is about. A Betway Uganda promo code might grant you the necessary boost to bet on esports. At Betway Uganda, several games are covered by the esports section, and it would feel like a rather fresh, exciting experience to place a bet on them.

In-play betting

It’s a rather new option (though it has been available for years now at the major betting establishments), and Betway brought it to the Uganda market too. The in-play betting makes it possible to place bet on a game that’s already played. So, if you think you can predict the game’s outcome, you can simply place your bet, choosing from the different bet types.

Signing up

It’s a rather simple process to sign up at the Betway Uganda. You have to visit the site, enter your basic info (name, email, address, phone, etc.). Then, some more info – nothing too sensitive – will be asked for, and you are good to go in a jiffy. The created account is good for mobile too. After you finish the signup, don’t forget to check your email inbox. Also, don’t forget about the Betway Uganda bonus code! Claim it and play! Logging in is easy: when you open the home page, you can find the login button on the top right, next to the signup button. Enter your credentials, and you are good to go. Also, it would be a good idea to remember your password, even write it up somewhere – if minors can access your computer or mobile, don’t save the login info in the browser! Once you are logged in, you can start placing bets.

Design and options

Basically, the Betway Uganda is made to be mobile friendly – well, the desktop site is the same as you can see on a smart phone or on a tablet. When you explore the portal, you will see a really simple design: there is one main menu, some banners, and the legal info you need to know. Inside, the design barely changes, only the options expand a bit: you can start sorting the sports events and place bets. Also, you can find the cashier, where you can add or withdraw money, and enter the Betway Uganda bonus code. Fortunately, even you use different devices to access the Betway Uganda, the same design options are listed. This makes it easier to learn how to use the site, what kind of bets are there, and how you can claim the Betway Uganda promo code! The color theme is the usual black and white theme of the Betway. At Betway Uganda, you have all the tools you would need in order to find a good game to bet on. Just use the different statistics and sorting options to see what’s the current set of choices for you.

How to place your bet

It’s utterly important to know how you can place a bet after you’ve claimed your Betway Uganda bonus code. First, you have to decide what kind of sports event you would like bet on. In Uganda, soccer seems to be very popular. When you have the event, you have to pick a different bet option. You can bet in final score, who wins or who loses, half-time score, and a lot more. You have to select the bet, and enter the amount of money you would like bet – at the same time, you can see the potential payout if you win the bet. Check what you chose and confirm it if you are satisfied. You will also receive an email about the bet you just placed.

Betway Uganda bonus code and other bonuses

There are several bonuses running at Betway, but at the Ugandan site, as a new member, you can grab a welcome bonus and you have a chance to win a large jackpot. Also, if you can grab a Betway Uganda bonus code, you may gin a slight advantage over others who weren’t fast enough. It’s certain that the Betway Uganda will have more bonuses, but as it’s rather new in Uganda, it has to establish first. Until then, enjoy the goodies the site offers and what you can get by using our Betway Uganda promo code.

Support and banking

The Betway Uganda has a really good customer support, and it’s designed for the Ugandan needs. You can reach them via phone, although the call is not free – the normal rates are charged. Also, you could write them an email, which they usually answer fast. The Betway Uganda customer service is in Kampala. In order to play, you have to get the Betway Uganda bonus code, and you also have to make a deposit. You can use Airtel and MTN Mobile Money services to make your deposits, which appear on your balance instantly. Withdrawals are usually quite easy to do, and we haven’t seen any reports about Betway Uganda acting suspiciously when it came to withdrawals. So, rest assured, you can pay and you can get paid.

betway uganda bonus code

Bottom Line on Betway Uganda

You should get a Betway Uganda bonus code as soon as you can. In the meantime – if you are from Uganda – we strongly recommend the Betway to you. Naturally, there are other sports betting establishment there, but the Betway is fresh, and so it’s somewhat even better. The fully mobile friendly website makes it possible for all players to have some really good fun, even if they are on the go. As you will find out if you pay a visit to the Betway Uganda website, it’s fast, and really well-responding. Betway uses a top-notch online sport booking software, which offers all the options a standard betting site could. However, we, and some other reviewers believe that the site should improve a bit more, especially when it comes to the odds and the betting options. Maybe, a few other payment options would be good too. Since Betway is gaining ground in Uganda, you should give it a chance, as it will stay for the long run. Stick to Betway Uganda, and we advise you to stick to our site too – this way, you can have a great time here, with all the great sports events the Betway Uganda can offer… and we can give you a Betway Uganda bonus code every now and then! By signing up at the Betway Uganda, you can’t lose, and if you know you sports, you could even win big, and have a nice time spending all that money! Stay tuned for updates, and enjoy the bonuses the Betway Uganda promo code grants!

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