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GTBets Promo code

GTBets Promo Code: Gtbets is a sportsbook, horserace betting and casino site, which has been around for about six years. It has a good reputation, and it accepts players from most US states too, which is a rare thing nowadays! In this review of the Gtbets, you will read about the games, security, promotions, the casino part about many other things. We are positive that you will end up grabbing our Gtbets promo code and betting on sports, or playing casino games with the bonuses. We suggest you to follow or lead as we explore the Gtbets, and in the end, you will be able to grab a nice Gtbets promo code as a “reward”!

gtbets promo code

Introducing Gtbets

Gtbets was established back in 2011, that’s the year when this online gambling site started to get in the line. In the six years that had passed since then, Gtbets was one of the most viral, the fastest expanding sportsbook, especially on the US gambling markets. The Gtbets is under the regulatory oversight of the Curacao Gaming Control Board, and has an official license from the Curacao government so it legally offers its services. You can rest assured, that when you use a Gtbets promo code and sign up, your information is safe, and that you join a legit operation. The Gtbets purchased the software of other – now closed – sportsbook, but it also granted payment to many of the gamblers who were members of those books (e.g. BetGameDay). Nowadays, the Gtbets is still one of those online sportsbooks which accept players from almost every US states, except for: Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Washington State and Washington D.C. Otherwise, it’s a well-covered sports book. UK resident can’t join either, but that’s not much of an issue, as they have William Hill and Betway. So, the Gtbets has over six years in the industry, it helped out players who were members of not-so-good sportsbook, and it now offers casino games on the site too! Off to a good start, right? Up to this date, the Gtbets built up a good reputation: it paid all due balances of the VIP and its sister sites, and it hasn’t been receiving too much bad press (with only a few minor exceptions). Most reviewers say that the Gtbets is a good choice – well, a nice Gtbets bonus code can’t hurt!

The Gtbets promo code and the sportsbook

Though the site’s main area of operation is sports betting, it offers a somewhat limited number of markets. However, a fine collection of sports is available, and sometimes, a man only focuses on a few sports, and just get mad for having to scroll through hundreds of irrelevant events. Well, as you can see, we always find the good in the not-so-good! You can bet on basketball, baseball, boxing, tennis, golf, American football, soccer, MMA auto races and even on politics. There are lot more, but you have fingers and eyes, take a look yourself – and bring the Gtbets promo code with you! Overall, the selection is great, and every major league is covered, so you can bet on the major events as well as at other betting sites. Nowadays, the site even offers fantasy football betting too. As the different seasons come and go, so changes the available events. As a common rule, though, we have to say, you will find your options numerous enough, and with the different bet types, you can have some fun with the games.

GTbets betting options

The sportsbook betting options at the Gtbets are really hot, and we believe that you will have a nice time spent just by finding out what you want to do! You can place straight bets, there are many combinations too. The Gtbets offers you parlay betting option and there are so called “if bets” too. As for the “events” you can bet on, you can choose whether the match ends with a draw, or you can select the winner. Also, you can place half times, quarters, futures, mobile bets and moneylines. The Gtbets nowadays offer you live action betting too! If you want to try out the bets, you should grab the juicy Gtbets promo code and play with the freebies from it! The Gtbets betting limits are quite low, and they go over $2000 only in the NFL/NBA, NCAA, MLB, NHL markets. There is actually nothing exceptional about it, we found it to be the industry standard nowadays. If you are not a recreational player, but one of those who would like to make big money, the Gtbets might not be the place for you! For those who want to have fun, satisfy their gambler side, and would like to make some money in the process, the Gtbets is a really good choice, especially with a Gtbets bonus code. The odds at Gtbets are considered sharp, but they are not bad, so you can make some money out of your endeavors to predict the results of a match right.


The sportsbook of the Gtbets works nicely on mobiles. The site doesn’t offer you a downloadable app, but a fine browser lobby instead. This makes the site work on every modern device, including Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, Windows Phones and tabs, along with everything else that have a HTML-5 compatible browser. The casino games and the cashier is available too, so it won’t be an issue to enter the Gtbets promo code on mobile. For desktop computers and Mac, the browser lobby is available – the Gtbets doesn’t require client downloading from the players!

Making deposits and withdrawing from Gtbets

Though in most cases, our Gtbets promo code doesn’t require deposits, you might have to make a payment towards the site to be able to claim the bonuses. If you are a serious gambler, you will do so eventually. At Gtbets, only a handful or banking solutions are available, probably because it’s a kind offshore sportsbook. You have the option to use your Visa or MasterCard card to make an instant deposit. It’s the simplest, and probably fastest solution. If you have a Neteller or a Skrill e-wallet account, that might come handy at Gtbets, because you don’t have to directly give out your credit card info. Also, if you are riding the waves of the Bitcoin’s popularity, you can use that to deposit, and even to withdraw. Bank wire transfer and even person to person (via Western Union for example) are also possible. The withdraws have a fee for some of these methods, and it seems the e-wallets are not even available. You should check the fees yourself, because they vary, and it’s only you who know which one would be comfortable to you. Until then, enjoy the bonuses for depositing, along with the extras from our neat Gtbet promo code!

gtbets promo code

Promos and bonuses

The Gtbets rewards new players with an industry standard signup bonus: on your first deposit, you can gain 100% match bonus (minimum $35 deposit required to qualify, max bonus is $250). If you use Skrill or Neteller, the bonus is only 50% (minimum $35 paid, max bonus is $500). The rollover is 5x. Regular depositors will certainly appreciate the reload bonuses, which vary, depending on the amount and the used processor. Before you reload, always check our site for Gtbets promo code, maybe we can boost your bonuses too!
Those who play the casino games at the Gtbets, receive a 10% rebate every week! A similar promotion runs for horseraces too: you receive 15% cashback, tough it’s a monthly cashback. But, at least the next month starts well!
Additionally, you can get bonus rewards points by playing the actual game of the month at the casino, and there are regular email promotions, so you would do well to sign up to the newsletter. Also, you shouldn’t skip the Gtbets bonus code we got here, as it grants you some nice goodies.

GT Rewards

The Gtbets has a quite serious loyalty program, which have three tiers, and apart from the cashback offer, you can gain entry to sweepstakes, or even get physical merchandise! You start at silver level, and every $10 worth of bets yields you rewards point at different rates: sports and slots give 16 points, horseraces 32. Other games have lower rates. On Gold level the rate is 20 for slots and sports, and 40 for every $10 bet on horseraces. Platinum level is reached if you accumulated a lifetime amount of 200,000 points. At this level, you get 25.5 points for every $10 bet on sports and slots, and 51 for horseraces. Actually, at Platinum, the other games are giving out fine points, so you will accumulate fast! You can exchange your points for betting cash at a 1000 points of $1 rate (the lowest convertible is 2000 points), or you can enter a $50 or $100 sweepstake (1,500 and 2000 points an entry), or buy goodies like PS4, golf bats, or DVD sets!

Playing casino games

At the Gtbets, you can play more than a hundred games, provided by the Betsoft. Betsoft had some stormy past, but it seems to have pulled itself together, and nowadays it offers some really good games. The Gtbets bonus code we got here, might offer you goodies for the casinos games, including things like free money, free spins, or chips for roulette, blackjack. In most cases, thought, the Gtbets bonus code feature betting extras. Well, there are still lots of games, and it would be a pity to skip them. There are hot 3D or advanced slots, and we believe titles like the Slotfather or 2 Million B.C. or Birds will ring the bell. Most of the slots at the Gtbets offer you action-packed gambling, with a large load of hot bonuses and free games. The rest of the casino game are hot too: different variations of table games are available, including two craps, for example, singe deck blackjack, roulette and poker. We have found a lot of classic slots, and many great virtual video poker machines too. It would be a great idea to check these games, and have a good time, especially if you claimed the bonuses of the Gtbets promo code!
Though many casinos and software developers don’t really make any new specialty games (arcades and lottery), at the Gtbets, you can play some. There are several Keno variations, a scratch card, and a 3D virtual horse racing game.
Only a fraction of the casino games work on mobile, but those that are available, look great, and run smoothly.

Gtbets Support

Although it’s an international sportsbook and casino site, the Gtbets doesn’t have a 24/7 support. Their call center operates from Monday to Sunday, and is open 10AM-4AM in Eastern Time. The same is true for their live chat. The email support is quite prompt too (probably answered by the same agents), and you will get an answer in 24 hours, sometimes even faster. With matters regarding the Gtbets promo code we have, you can contact them, or contact us.

Gtbets – Scam or Trustworthy?

Though there were some negative posts on the web related to Gtbets, those are all old posts, and the players weren’t exactly flawless: they were advantage players, not recreational gamblers. Nonetheless, those issues have been resolved, and the Gtbets remains at large. And don’t forget: the Gtbets bought a bad company, and it paid out all the dues towards the players! So, we are on the opinion that Gtbets is a trustworthy site, thus you can grab that Gtbets promo code and enjoy betting on your favorite sports!

Bottom line

The Gtbets promo code we have on our site, is just one of the many reasons why we believe that you should join this site! It looks fine, works nicely, and in difference with many others, it accepts US players. If you are not really a fan of big establishments, you should consider this site, as it’s trustworthy and fun!

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